There are many important changes that have come out and Valor patch 0.49 so let's break down the biggest ones that you need to know before rank drops this competitive wheat.

There are many important changes that have come out and Valor patch 0.49 so let’s break down the biggest ones that you need to know before rank drops this competitive wheat.

Let’s just jump right into it, shall we? Now, there are two big characters that have gotten some fundamental changes in omen and Sage. Let’s first talk about omens changes. Now the changing question is omens ultimate from the shadows. Now let me talk about how the ultimate used to be and then talk about how it is now so that you really get to see the difference between what the change actually does.

So before it was you teleport, it is omen.

You are in theorial, which means you can’t shoot anything. You’re like this giant shade. And if you’re killed, you get sent back to your spawn. No ultimate. You get no value. You wasted your ultimate. Then after that, you pop out and you’re a different color, but you’re invincible so you can shoot out of means, but they can’t shoot at you and then you’re actually in where you can get shot at and you can shoot them back.

The problem with this is there was a weird time where you’re like, Oh, I want to kill him. I want to wait for him to pop out and teleport so I could punish him, but if I wait, then he’s invincible and he can kill me. There was just a lot of really confusion. It was confusing. There was some bugs attached to this.

So this is what it is now, and this is what it will be for the foreseeable future. You use your ultimate teleport end. You’re still in theory. If someone finds you and kills you, you get sent back. You don’t actually die. You just get sent back and you lose your ultimate. So you gotta make sure not to teleport right on top of somebody.

Now, once you teleport in, you’re in, there’s no invincibility, there’s no different color. You go from being in theory to being in the game, and then that’s it. That’s pretty much all the change you’d, they basically completely skipped the invincibility. And the change color. It’s a quality of life change overall.

This actually nerves omen a fair bit cause you lose out on this invincibility frames, but it’s way more clear and concise for the average player. And that means that if you hear an omens teleport, you don’t have to be afraid to push him because sometimes you would hear it, you would push him, you’d get there right at the perfectly wrong time.

For him to just basically tank your shots and kill you, which is never fun. Now, this is a slight nerve. It’s a pretty big Nerf in almonds category. So what they did is they changed this echolocation to 2,250 so basically you have to be far closer to him to actually find or pinpoint. Where he teleported to.

The idea is because he’s a little bit weaker after the telephone, it makes it harder for you to find him. So the idea is, even though he’s easier to punish now after he teleports, it’s a little bit harder for you to find him. So that adds a little sneak factor in the game. It makes them a little bit more sneaky of a character.

Well, nerfing one of the really annoying and complicated aspects of his ultimate, which I think is a good chance overall, it’s not going to dramatically change almonds. Tier. It’s not going to make him all of a sudden a top tier character. He’s just going to be kind of a solo fracker the same way he has been the same way that I listed them in my tier list.

Now let’s move on to the next change, which is from Sage, and there are some huge Sage changes that you need to know.

So specifically Sage is Barry. Orb has two changes. Let’s talk about both of them and then I’ll explain and break down what they mean for you. So the first one is. Sages wall will only completely spawn on solid ground.

This means that some walls will only spawn one block or two blocks if it doesn’t have a solid foundation. Now, the second thing is a barrier or can’t be placed on a small piece of geometry. So this is specifically talking about those little pieces of geometry that you would stick your Sage wall to that would allow almonds and jets to essentially go up above your wall and potentially make a snipe play or play on an enemy.

That couldn’t even see them from crazy places. I mean, there was so many of them. I was actually working on a video about this and this got completely patched out. Pretty much the majority of these got patched out, and while, yes, I’m a little bit sad about that, it was really cool to be able to combo abilities in this way.

A lot of these were broken, frankly. They were just completely absurd. I mean, you would be floating basically in the air with your wall on a little tiny little thing that’s peeking out from a wall and you have a. Giant wall on top of it, and then you put a character on top of that and you snipe someone all the way, see long the can’t even see you.

It was pretty broken. I’m not going to lie, so I understand why they wanted to get it out of the game, even though that they said that some will exist, the vast majority of them got completely patched out. Now this is a big nerve, honestly, to Barry or so, it’s going to be a little bit less consistent where you need to have more solid foundation when you place her Sage wall, and then of course you can’t do the crazy cheeky things like omens and jets and going on top of the wall.

So it’s a pretty big nerve, but I don’t think that it fundamentally changes sages, team play her team aspect where she’s completely walling off a point walling off of flank or a potential push route. All these things are still there, so I don’t really think that this changes her up or down on a tier list.

She is still top tier. She’s still insanely good, but it’s important to know these changes if you’re a Sage mate or if you’re up against Sage, you don’t have to be looking out for all these crazy angles. And you need to be hyper aware of how you place your walls from now on as Sage, and you’re not going to get some free value with comboing it with omens and jets.

Now, as a bonus change, that specifically has to do with Sage, but it’s more about map geometry and map changes. The Haven double doors on defense had a really busted Sage peek spot. You could essentially walk yourself up and you could peak the very top crack of the door and only your head is showing.

Barely your head is showing, but you could see enemies come through and pretty much get some free values of free gills. Now they have added blinds, Los blocking blinds to basically make it so you could still peak it, but you can’t see what’s behind it. Now, you could definitely still combo this with something like a sofas, recon arrow.

You find enemies, you see them, and then you can still shoot them through the blind. It still could be shot through very simply. It just blocks Los, so it’s not one sided information. Right. And enemies could still peek there and shoot you there if they think you’re there. So it kind of adds a little bit of nuance to that spot.

I really like how they balance this because it doesn’t just completely patch it out. They changed it and kind of brought it in line with a more fair and balanced for attack and defense. I made it so you couldn’t really abuse this wall. So I think it’s a great change overall. Now, let’s talk about some other big quality of life things and things that you’re going to want to know about, ranked about custom games and about people leaving your games.

This is really great, especially for characters that have ability. Rollouts like jet and silver. It can really allow you to practice and hone your craft in learning all the different Rica narrow spots and the different smoke spots. This is going to be great for constant creators and people that just want to learn and grind the game.

I love this change and I’m so glad they added it. And then on top of that, you can finally leave custom game matches. How many custom game matches have you started and you had to sit through the whole thing. If you left and you came back, you were put right back in the same game. Like what? Why was this even here in the first place?

Okay, I regress. I’m really happy that they’ve actually put this change in. Now you can join a custom game. You can play for a little while, and then after you figured out or test it, whatever you wanted to test it, you can leave, which is great. It’s a great quality of life change. Now, here’s the big change that I think everyone can get behind.

And it’s leavers and character Dodgers will get a perpetually longer penalty the more often they do this. We don’t quite know exactly how long that penalty will be, but you can imagine that it’s exponentially more severe each and every time. This greatly decentivizes people who just want to ruin all their games, they don’t like it when you select their character or they want to leave.

The second you start losing. Who doesn’t love this chain? The more people are decentivizes from leaving games, the better and higher quality our average games will be, which is very, very good for the vast majority of us who actually sit through and play through all of our games, which is great and fantastic.

Now, the last thing that I got to tell you is perhaps the most exciting news ranked mode will be a hundred percent live for this patch. Let’s go. Okay, so here is what you need to know about ranked mode. I’ve covered it in my ranked mode video, but let me just break down a few things that you need to do in your ranked game.

First off, you need to be trying your best no matter your winning, no matter you’re losing. Try your best. You get as hinted, MMR matchmaking system in the background that is performance based. So the better you do, even when you’re winning, the better you do when you’re losing, the closer the games are all that matters.

So try your best every single game. Don’t give up just because you’re losing. Try to kill as many people as you can. Stop the enemy if you have an advantage. All these things extremely, extremely matter. So that will give you the best shot at performing well at ranked. On top of that, if you want to ensure that you’re going to pop off and ranked and that you know every single ounce of knowledge that will help you perform and climb straight to that validate rank, smash that subscribe button.